Monday, April 18, 2011

Why TV Commercial Songs Are {Mostly} Evil

Most of us would agree that 90% of TV commercial songs or jingles annoy the ever-living daylights out of us. Don't get me wrong - they can be quite catchy. But then the 'catchy' burrows a little hole in your brain and stays in there for an undisclosed amount of time. All of a sudden the commercial comes on - BAM! Your brain shorts out for a second with irritability.

I woke up with this one stuck in my head and I actually don't mind. It's called 'Don't Hide Your Shine' by Matthew Ray from the new Old Navy dress commercial. There's something about it that is more 'song-on-the-radio' than 'cheesy-TV-jingle'. I would like to know if the kid in the commercial is the one singing or if he's just an actor lip-syncing. Either way, who ever is singing isn't half bad. It's regular Top 40's stuff but I like that sometimes. If he put out music other than commercials, I might be interested in downloading it.


  1. Ugh those terrible Taco Bell jingles ALWAYS get stuck in my head. In fact, Im singing one now :0)

  2. I can't recall the Taco Bell ones but now I have the Toyota commercial song stuck - "Angel of the Morning". It's literally only the two lines from the commercial, I can't even remember the rest right now. Haha!