Friday, April 22, 2011

Peep Brûlée!

It's that time of year - well almost the end of it now - where little sugar covered marshmallows in Spring colors and shaped like baby chicks and little bunnies. Peeps! Every year around this time there is always the conversation of how do you eat yours. Most people bite their heads off, some just eat it, and others get a bit more creative. I fall into the latter category. After hearing that my best friend blows them up in the microwave and then makes s'mores out them, this got me thinking. What if I roasted them just like a marshmallow? With all that sugar on the outside it could turn out just like one of my favorite desserts. Crème brûlée.

*This could get a little graphic for all you Peep lovers.

So - I took a skewer, poked it through the Peep's little head, turned on my gas stove and began to roast the little sucker. The pink sugar started to brown and bubble up a little, turning into a nice little crust (I decided not to post a picture because it didn't look very pretty). I didn't want to set it on fire because in my opinion burnt marshmallows are not all that tasty. They turned out pretty good. Not quite crème brûlée but more like a regular roasted marshmallow where the outside is a little crispier. If you like Peeps, I highly recommend roasting them. Plus, it's just plain fun.

What's your favorite way to eat Peeps?