Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE Wedding

And what other wedding would I be talking about besides The Royal Wedding. I will be getting up ridiculously early (4:30-5am EST) to watch it live. It's not the same to watch it after it's already over.

I'm looking forward to seeing her dress, hair etc. Very interested in the wedding flowers since I've been working in a flower shop the last 8 or so months. In fact, that's all us ladies at the flower shop have been talking about in our free time. She will be a huge trendsetter for many years with the choices she makes.

Will you be getting up early to watch it live or wait until later?


  1. OH NO??? Not you too....

    Haha, you know I love ya though

  2. I've been working in a flower Wedding Photography  shop the last 8 or so months.

  3. yea - I want to see her dress as well :) any pictures ?