Monday, April 25, 2011

The Roasting of Peeps and Demise of Peter Rabbit

I just can't help it. I absolutely love decapitating and dismantling my candy in what I guess you can call some pretty gruesome ways. But it's okay because it's candy and they're cute. It's not like I'm torturing cats and squirrels in my backyard. I'm not mean. I promise.

The other day I roasted some Peeps. That actually turned out to be pretty darn delicious. I had a few more left so in honor of Easter - I roasted the rest of them. And - I took pictures this time. I also picked up the same chocolate bunny I received every year growing up. This time it was for hubz and I to share. See, I told you I'm not mean. We dismantled him together.

It's probably not wise to document the crime but I did it anyway. Here are exhibits A-F.

Super cute and sweet little sugar egg I received from a friend for Easter. I love the little baby chick inside! I included this baby chick to throw you off from the torture of sweet, little confection creatures to come.
Exhibit A: Peep before the roasting.
Exhibit B: Peep after meeting my gas stove.
Exhibit C: Peter Rabbit. He had no idea what he had coming.
Exhibit D: Hubz ate his feet while I consumed his eyes and stabbed him in the head with his own carrot.
Exhibit E: Next up - off come the sacred ears.
Exhibit F: Buh-bye Peter Rabbit. That's what you get for stealing from the garden.

On that note -whether you celebrate the Christian Easter, Passover last week or the non-religious, Easter Bunny part of Easter - I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter!


  1. Okay, hands down, favorite shot is of the carrot stabbed head :0)

  2. Isn't it hilarious?! I think V was slightly disturbed at my torturing skills. I would have had more fun but it was actually starting to melt a little.