Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm ba-ack!

No, really. I am. For real this time.

This is only a little post as I am saving my first "real post" for something & someone special. This one is special, too but the other one ranks higher.

For anyone who is still following I pose a question. The blog needs to be renamed. It needs an overhaul really and I believe a name is near the top of that list. I have exhausted my pretty, little brain about it and nothing I can come up with sounds interesting.

So... any ideas?


  1. I think 'Bonnie' and I think: hair, dancing, flowers, dogs.

    Maybe something like...

    Dances With Dogs
    Flowers in Her Hair
    Hair and Hounds (like Hare and Hounds)
    Bonnie's Bouquet (a mixed bouquet of stories about life)

  2. You cant see me....but Im dancing a jig at this very moment! A full on wearing party hat and throwing confetti kinda jig

    I miss you in real life
    Ive missed you in blogland

    Good lord I just miss you lol WELCOME BACK!!

  3. But back to the B-L-O-G....what do you want it to focus on? Something specific or just life?

  4. Yea!! I love that you did a jig! I miss you, too!!! And thanks for the welcome back. :)

    Well - check out my proposed name. I changed it already. Thoughts on how it looks now?

    It's going to be about everything. I thought I could stick to mainly one thing with the last one but I sure can't.

  5. I think if it makes you happy stick with it!!

    Hey, did you know you can set up your blog to get email notifications when someone comments? That way you can reply via email if they have the same preference (most do) and they dont have to come back here and check for your responses :0)