Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Mannequins Become A Family. The Manny Family! {Snap! Snap!}

{Warning! Photo heavy post.} 

Our babies are complete. They've been sanded, wrapped, and given shoes. Cement shoes. {Insert evil laugh here.} Kudos to my Dad for instilling in his daughter knowledge of power tools and the capability of mixing cement. The girls held the mannequins in place while I mixed it up. They got the job of holding them in place (most of the time) until it was dry enough to let go so I could rest my arms for the next batch. Hand mixing cement is tough!

This was our major project for the beginning of summer since things kind of die down for a few weeks. Well - we needed some entertainment!

Myself and Kae all suited up and ready to go. And of course I can't stop laughing behind my mask. Scalpel!
Kae pouring the cement while I wait to do the hard work mixing. I take that back. That chick can definitely wield some power tools and do heavy work.
Kae & Cathy steady Oscar while his shoes dry.

I'm holding Lady Gaga steady. Nice face, huh?
They're all standing!

Introducing! (from left to right) Lady Gaga, Emmy, Oscar. Of course we all put our sunglasses on them. Who could resist?

On the look-out!

Small plants and vines have been planted at their... um, well - feet and they are now proudly standing in front of the flower shop awaiting many a double take and awe struck stare. 
 We of course chained them together with dog run cord and pad locked them up. We don't want the neighborhood or college kids dragging them off or trying to tip them into cars. See - we're responsible with our humans.


  1. Hahahahahahaha!! O.M.G, these have to be the scariest things Ive ever seen.

  2. They definitely are a little creepy but pretty awesome!!